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Here's The Exact Moment Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Realized "La La Land" Didn't Actually Win Best Picture

"Oh my god."

In case you SOMEHOW missed what might've just been the most INSANE Oscars mishap in the history of Oscars mishaps, La La Land was given the Oscar for Best Picture. The problem was, Moonlight really won the award and there was some sort of crazy mix-up with the cards.

Video of the whole #BestPicture disaster, including Warren Beatty trying to tell people what happened.

Naturally, the world is losing it right now on Twitter:

They are going to say La La Land, but Moonlight is actually going to win. #Oscars

La La Land: thank you for best picture it means the wor- Moonlight:

live footage of me carrying the oscar from la la land to moonlight

But what's craziest is seeing the exact moment when Emma Stone realized there was a BIG mistake.

She's literally shook.

On top of that, Ryan Gosling's face says it all.