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    Updated on Aug 22, 2018. Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    22 Reasons Why Grimsby Is So Goddamn Great

    There's more to the town than fish.

    1. To start with, it's in the name.

    2. The town was established by Vikings in the ninth century.

    Well, one Viking by the name of Grim, a Danish fisherman, according to legend.

    3. We have a pretty historic fishing industry.

    4. So of course we have the best fish 'n' chips in the world.

    Twitter: @gazfawn

    Just look at the size of it! Oh, and it's haddock – not cod, haddock.

    5. His and hers afternoon tea? Yes please.

    Twitter: @OaklandsHall

    The Comfy Duck is just one of the places you can experience wonderful food.

    6. Nights out are pretty cheap.

    7. … but you can also sit back, relax, and enjoy a good cocktail or two.

    Lindsay Cowie / Via

    The Curious Cat even has House of Remy Martin Louis VIII if you're feeling extra fancy.

    8. The start of the festive season is a pretty big event.

    Twitter: @DiscoverNEL

    Every year the town centre hosts the Big Christmas Event, attracting thousands of people.

    9. And Grimsby Town Football Club take Christmas very, very seriously.


    10. You may find grannies whizzing around in the street.

    Twitter: @theculturehouse

    Or a 12-foot Victorian adventurer by the name of Lady Augusta, or even a mischievous piano-playing nun. The Culture House often brings street art and entertainment to Grimsby.

    11. In fact, culture is a hot topic in Grimsby right now.

    Twitter: @GrimsbyTweets

    Tweeters discussed celebrating culture and heritage at the last Grimsby Tweet Up – yes, we have "tweet ups"'. #ReImagineGrimsby.

    12. Three words: Kevin from Grimsby.

    BBC / Via

    As Sir Bruce Forsyth named him. Kevin Clifton and his sister, Joanne, are professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing, and their parents still run a dance school in the town.

    13. You could say Grimsby has the X factor.

    14. The soft sandy beach and award-winning gardens of Cleethorpes are literally down the road.

    Twitter: @LindsayCowie

    Seriously, it's a 10-minute drive away. Locals say that "everything you need is only ever 10 minutes away".

    15. There's some fabulous boutique shops and restaurants in Cleethorpes, too.

    16. The coast is just as beautiful at sunrise.

    Flickr: whirlpool / Creative Commons

    17. Grimsby is surrounded by peaceful countryside.

    Lindsay Cowie / Via Twitter: @DiscoverNEL

    Is that a fairytale land? Nope. It's the North East Lincolnshire countryside!

    18. And you can get up close and personal with nature.

    The black swans of Grimsby Golf Club are particularly friendly – just ask Stanny.

    19. Recently, Grimsby has become a hub for offshore renewable energy.

    Twitter: @harras31

    In an article in The Independent, Grimsby came first in England's Green Top 10 for its use of renewables. It said Grimsby is "being reborn as the renewable energy capital of England". #EnergyEstuary

    20. Occasionally, a member of the royal family may pop up for the day.

    Twitter: @jamiefreshwater

    The Duchess of Cambridge visited in March 2013 when pregnant with Prince George. All eyes were on us that day.

    21. And this year, we're only the bloody national hosts of Armed Forces Day 2016.

    Twitter: @DiscoverNEL

    That's because we know how to throw a good celebration.

    22. Even Elton John knows Grimsby's the best.

    Flickr: robef / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    As Elton and Bernie Taupin said: "Oh England you're fair, but there's none to compare with my Grimsby."

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