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22 Reasons Why Grimsby Is So Goddamn Great

There's more to the town than fish.

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3. We have a pretty historic fishing industry.

Instagram: @lloydgriffith / Via

It's what we're known for.


6. Nights out are pretty cheap.

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"Double up for £1!"


10. You may find grannies whizzing around in the street.

Twitter: @theculturehouse

Or a 12-foot Victorian adventurer by the name of Lady Augusta, or even a mischievous piano-playing nun. The Culture House often brings street art and entertainment to Grimsby.

12. Three words: Kevin from Grimsby.

BBC / Via

As Sir Bruce Forsyth named him. Kevin Clifton and his sister, Joanne, are professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing, and their parents still run a dance school in the town.

13. You could say Grimsby has the X factor. / Via

Ella Henderson, who competed in the 2012 series of The X Factor, is from the village of Tetney. She performed a homecoming concert at the Grimsby Auditorium last year.


15. There's some fabulous boutique shops and restaurants in Cleethorpes, too.

Instagram: @tilletts1 / Via

Sea View Street, which leads right to the seafront from the town centre, is the oldest shopping street in Cleethorpes. Jeweller Daniella Draper, whose pieces have been worn by Ed Sheeran, Kate Moss, and Chloë Grace Moretz, opened her flagship store here.


19. Recently, Grimsby has become a hub for offshore renewable energy.

Twitter: @harras31

In an article in The Independent, Grimsby came first in England's Green Top 10 for its use of renewables. It said Grimsby is "being reborn as the renewable energy capital of England". #EnergyEstuary

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