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    11 Of The Most Eccentric People On Wikipedia

    Who says you have to be sane to be important?

    Thanks to the jolly old Internet, anyone can be a 'person of note' with a little help from the right site. People you wouldn't normally sit next to on a bus are calling themselves Instagram celebrities and apparently we should all give a damn. YouTube has launched a rag-tag community of 'stars' who are able to make a living opening toys or yelling into a microphone while they play Mario Cart. Anyone can have a Wikipedia page, regardless of cultural worth or even significance. Want people searching Lincoln for a class project to stumble across your life story? Just create an account and let your self-importance shine.

    In truth, the best collection of the unworthy elite online can be easily unearthed on Wikipedia. This amazing pseudo encyclopedia of shared knowledge is a rabbit hole worth falling into – leading the reader to an online wonderland of useless facts peopled with some of the most surreal individuals you'll have the dubious pleasure to uncover.

    Who said you have to contribute to society to be important? Not Wikipedia apparently. This following collection of insignificant significant folks is just the tip of the weirdo iceberg…

    David Johnson- The Well-paid Terror of Fisherman’s Wharf

    Sir George Sitwell – Unsung Hero of the Ongoing War against Wasps

    Mike the Headless Chicken - A clucking icon for the ages

    William John Cavendish – Taking Introverted to a Whole Other Level

    Matayoski Mitsuo – The Japanese Jesus

    Gerald Tyrwhitt – The Magic Intersection between Success and Nonsense

    Superbarrio Gomez – Champion of the People, Unabashed Lycra lover.

    Daniel Van Meter – Historically Useless

    Sir Tatton Sykes – Give Me Rice Pudding or Give Me Death

    David Icke – Keeping us safe from Reptilian Pedophiles for over 20 years.

    Le Petomane – Forever Celebrated in the ‘Anals’ of Time