19 Signs You’re From Indiana

No matter where you go, you’re a Hoosier at heart.

1. You know that these stereotypes do not apply to all of Indiana or all Hoosiers.

2. Because you’re well aware that Indiana is much more than that!

3. You love the fact that Indiana’s temperate climate means a perfect autumn every year.

4. Because in Indiana, fall also means the return of the cornmaze!!

5. You had that one elementary school teacher who made sure you knew why Indiana is the “Crossroads of America.”

6. To you, tractors are the number one cause of traffic jams.

7. At least you’ve learned to admire the view while your driving!

8. It’s pop. Not soda, not coke, but POP!

9. Indiana’s passion for country music has probably influenced your language, even if you’re unaware of it.

10. The fact that Lincoln was once a hoosier makes you extremely happy!

11. As does the fact that Jackson 5 is from Gary, Indiana.

12. This is your reaction when people say Indiana is boring:

Sometimes you secretly agree…

13. But then lake-effect snow brings upon a snow day and your love for Indiana swells.

Especially true when you forgot to write that essay!

14. You take pride in being called a Hoosier!

15. You love the fact that Parks and Recreation takes place in Indiana.

16. You’re very familiar with the Purdue vs. Indiana University rivalry.

17. But you’re also well aware of the polar feelings toward a third school…

18. Of course, Friday night high school football tended to be a deal in your hometown

19. And finally, regardless of whether you once lived, or still live in Indiana, you love the Hoosier state.

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