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27 Reasons You Should Get Your Ass To Popeyes Right Now

Step aside, KFC. This isn't amateur hour.

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4. For those not familiar, Popeyes serves the best fried chicken that money can buy.

8. It's tender and juicy and totally irresistible.

9. Seriously. Everybody wants a piece.

10. And that hot, fresh-fried scent will get you drooling from a mile away.

Some one here got Popeyes, I smell it


18. Need even more? Feed your whole goddamn family:

19. Unless you're alone, which is totally chill — because Popeyes has your back.

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22. And no matter where you are, know that you're in good hands. Because Popeyes employees are the shit.

26. But the point is, no matter what you're craving, Popeyes delivers — with good old-fashioned, crispy-golden Southern charm.