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    15 Things You're Gonna Want To Bring To College That No One Tells You About

    Simple life-enhancing things that will make your dorm experience better.

    1. Desk Chair Cushion

    2. Single-Serve Blender

    3. Easy to Slip-on Shoes (Non Flip-Flop)

    4. Ice Cube Tray

    5. Bed Skirt

    6. Lint Roller

    7. Extra Pillows

    8. Extra Blankets

    9. Quad Blanket or Towel

    10. Humidifier

    11. Whiteboard Calendar

    12. Brita Filter

    13. Cleaning Wipes

    14. Trash Can Liners

    15. And Ambiance Lighting

    What are some college staples you didn't realize you needed until you got there? Let me know in the comments!