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    15 Things You're Gonna Want To Bring To College That No One Tells You About

    Simple life-enhancing things that will make your dorm experience better.

    1. Desk Chair Cushion

    Walmart / Via, E!

    With classes being on Zoom nowadays, students spend hours upon hours sitting at their desks. The hardwood dorm chairs are not the most comfortable thing you'll ever experience, but a small cushion or pillow makes all the difference.

    2. Single-Serve Blender

    Sboly / Via, BuzzFeed Video

    Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to get in a meal. Shakes are transportable and provide you with the nutrients needed to get through class, studying, and practice.

    3. Easy to Slip-on Shoes (Non Flip-Flop)

    UGG / Via

    While, yes, you will need flip-flops for the shower (because no one wants foot fungus), having a different pair of slip-on shoes is a staple item. Slip-on slippers or sneakers are perfect for quick trips to get a coffee or grabbing lunch while waiting for laundry to be done. Keeping your feet warm while also being efficient is important.

    4. Ice Cube Tray

    Target, Nickelodeon

    With shakes comes the need for ice, and trekking to the dining hall just for a cup of ice is not a fun task. Most mini-fridges have a small compartment at the top that is just big enough to fit an ice cube tray. It is also nice having ice for water and any other beverage that needs some cooling.

    5. Bed Skirt

    Dormify / Via, Universal

    Getting an extra-long bed skirt or simply using a top sheet to cover the side of your bed is something not everyone thinks of but it makes such a big difference. Dorm rooms are small enough as it is and seeing loads of things under your bed only adds to the clutter. Covering the mess while still being able to use the space is a simple way to spice up your space.

    6. Lint Roller

    Scotch-Brite / Via, CBS

    Lint is common, but having a lint roller on hand doesn't always cross a busy college student's mind. Having a lint roller allows you to clean up your clothes, furniture, and bed decorations.

    7. Extra Pillows

    INSEN / Via, NBC

    Free time is spent with friends and having some loose pillows for back support is a great idea. Even better...a body pillow. Body pillows bring comfort for the entirety of your bed.

    8. Extra Blankets

    Bedsure / Via, Paramount

    With the spontaneous heat fluctuations in dorms, having an extra blanket for warmth is a smart move. Better yet, if there's ever a last-minute movie night you're set for comfiness, and now all you need is popcorn.

    9. Quad Blanket or Towel

    InfuseZen / Via, Disney

    Sitting on the quad during a warm Spring day is the best! Having a designated blanket for the quad is a staple college piece you may not think you need, but not having to worry about getting grass or dirt on your blankets is a stress reliever. Having a designated outdoor blanket instead of using your bed blankets will also save you some laundry coin!

    10. Humidifier

    Target / Via, Nickelodeon

    Waking up with a sore throat on a cold winter morning is more common than it seems. Having an air purifier or humidifier will add some moisture back in the air, and you'll wake up fresh and ready for another day of class.

    11. Whiteboard Calendar

    Target / Via, Nickelodeon

    Staying organized and on top of things can be hard when Mom and Dad aren't constantly reminding you. Keeping a whiteboard calendar on your wall with important dates and times is a simple way to stay on the satisfaction of crossing the day off when it's done is unbeatable.

    12. Brita Filter

    Target, NBC

    Having a Brita is a similar situation to having an ice cube more trekking across campus!! Having your own clean water at all times is great and will ensure hydration.

    13. Cleaning Wipes

    Clorox / Via, NBC

    Eating in your room, making food, getting ready, and everything else can be messy. Having some wet wipes to wipe down any sticky or dirty surfaces will keep your area clean and decluttered.

    14. Trash Can Liners

    ULINE / Via, NBC

    Not only is taking out the trash a pain but having a sticky and smelly garbage can in your room is also a pain. Little trash can liners make it easy to dispose of your waste and will leave your room smelling fresher.

    15. And Ambiance Lighting

    Urban Outfitters / Via, Disney

    Dorm lighting is definitely not the best, and it also can hurt your eyes after a long period of time. Having lamps or some Christmas lights in your room will take away some of the harshness, while also making your room look cozy and cute.

    What are some college staples you didn't realize you needed until you got there? Let me know in the comments!