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    Marry You Proposal

    The first ever a cappella proposal, BY a cappella members, FOR a cappella members.

    Marry You (A Cappella) Proposal - Lily + Nicole

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    Treble, an NYC-based semi-professional a cappella group, was hired for our first proposal gig. We learned and practiced Bruno Mars’ Marry You for several weeks leading up to the occasion, which was to take place 10/18/12 at the High Line Park in NYC.

    But then came the REAL surprise: Nicole arrived for the "gig", and was perplexed to see Treble start the song without her. She scurried over thinking she was late, and jumped into the arc… she even sang a few notes... that is until she looked around and saw 40+ friends and family members standing by with cameras watching...HER!

    Yes, it was Treble's own Lily proposing to Nicole with this surprise-of-a-lifetime.

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