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    • lilyo2

      I don’t believe that there are many people who are pro-abortion, or that people who have abortions enjoy killing babies. Being “pro-choice” does not mean that you enjoy infanticide, or that you personally would choose that path were it up to you. The fact of the matter is that other people’s pregnancies and their decisions regarding those pregnancies are theirs and their alone.Iam certainly pro-choice, becauseIbelieve that forcingawoman to bearachild that she does not want is immoral, regardless of the circumstances. Does this mean thatIsupport unsafe sex and think that abortion should beacasual way out? No, not personally.Ithink we need comprehensive sex education so that people are educated about the many ways to protect themselves. That would beabig step in the right direction. Giving people choice usually leads to good, informed decisions; restricting their knowledge and options leads to bad outcomes. Maintaining the old status-quo of abstinence is not only unfair because it restricts choice, but also because it is simply unrealistic. Icould never forgive myself for telling someone else what to do with their body or their life. I’m not in their situation and, as much as people can preach that they would never, ever have an abortion even if they were raped, etc., no one truly knows unless they are in that position. Rape, incest, the possibility of death for the mother and/or child, economic instability, etc. all play huge parts in the loopholes of the strictly pro-life agenda. No one is saying that abortion isagreat thing, that it’s super ideal and has no psychological effects and everyone should go out and do it. And, if you hate abortion, that’s fine. DON’T HAVE ONE. But don’t assume that what works for other people works for you. You will never understand the trauma that comes along with suchadecision or any of the multiple scenarios that may accompany it. Pro-choice means leaving it up to the mother to decide whether she is emotionally and physically ready to bringachild into the world. And, if she’s not, that’s okay.
      Please stop labeling pro-choice people as monsters. We’re not.Ilove children, andIwant to have several. We simply support the right for women to make their own decisions. If you are pro-life, that’s fine: you don’t need to have an abortion yourself. But this is America; if it’s as wonderfulacountry as we claim (andIknow that, deep down, it is), then we need to respect personal freedom and choice.
      I’m not saying that this is strictlyawomen’s issue. Fathers should have some say but, ultimately, the mother is the one who will be giving birth. Women face oppression, degradation, and sexism every day all over the world, and that is not going to change overnight. But it has to change, and this bill is getting in the way of that.
      Please respect my right to choose, andIwill respect yours.

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