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    The Powerpuff Girls Could Have Replaced Your Gender Studies Class

    Sugar, spice, everything nice, and -- SCREW THAT LET'S KICK ASS.

    Alright, the Powerpuff Girls were made in the most stereotypical way ever:

    But the Chemical X turned the three Powerpuff Girls into ass-kicking machines, and started breaking down our expectations of women and men alike.

    1. There was a lot of gender-switching and drag.

    The Professor dressed up as Bubbles:

    And Bubbles dressed up as Mayor:

    This dude dressed up as Blossom and no one noticed:

    The Professor wore makeup:

    He looked great as Sara Bellum.

    And Mojo Jojo fit in perfectly with the Powerpuff Girls' friends when he snuck into their sleepover.

    2. The girls were careful to keep open minds about gender.

    And questioned each other about their assumptions.

    When this guy tried to teach the girls about gender roles....

    This happened:

    And then:

    This was especially great because Bubbles is seen as the most girly of the three. And yet she still does the manual chores because she's awesome.

    3. The villains also paid no mind to gender expectations. Sedusa was a fierce fighter:

    As was Sara Bellum.

    Because although Sedusa was disguised as a sweet, docile Ima Goodlady, she was hardcore.

    Femme Fatale pointed out serious problems with the patriarchal superhero industry:

    And Him was incredibly fabulous:

    Seriously, he (they?) was brilliant.

    And of course, the Rowdyruff Boys had a nontraditional upbringing,

    4. The girls were always sure to set people straight when they underestimated them.

    And they discovered that men were far too obsessed with perceived manliness.

    In fact, men needed the Powerpuff Girls for literally everything:

    5. But the Professor let the girls experiment with fashion on him:

    Because Professor Utonium was a great, caring, SINGLE DAD.

    6. And The Powerpuff Girls, who were small, feminine, sweet girls, were the most formidable opponents any villain could go up against.