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    Posted on Jul 8, 2013

    The 20 Steps Of U-Hauling

    Moving in with your girlfriend is a big thing. Make sure you know these undeniable truths before you go for it.

    1. You've been dating your girlfriend for a while, and it's going really well.

    2. You start realizing that you spend every night together anyway.

    3. So you bring it up, and talk about it for a really long time.

    There are a lot of feelings to process.

    4. Finally, you will start looking for apartments.

    5. Every realtor will think you're "roommates."

    No, for the last time, we are NOT looking for a two-bedroom apartment.

    6. Finally, you will find a place.

    7. And, yes, you will rent a U-HAUL.

    Flickr: afagen

    It will be embarrassing.

    8. You will have to decide to throw away some of your flannels.

    9. The cats will have to go in their carriers.

    10. There will probably not be enough room for both of your complete sets of The L Word.

    You'll survive.

    11. You will get your clothes mixed up repeatedly.

    12. But then you'll realize your wardrobe just doubled in size.

    13. It will probably be impossible to find a good lesbian bar near you.

    14. Your girlfriend might find all of the old love letters you kept.

    15. Your neighbors will be overly friendly and supportive.

    Cool! You're not homophobic! I get it!

    16. Your friends will get annoyed by the number of selfies with your cats that you post.

    17. And they won't understand why you never go out with them anymore.

    18. Now that you're living together, you'll start "processing your feelings" even more.

    Seriously. It won't stop.

    And there will be nowhere else to go.


    19. But you'll be really happy.

    And because of that, you know you're going to do it no matter what.

    20. Congratulations on successfully U-HAULing.

    And good luck.