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    Stoli's Parent Company Has Added Gay-Friendly Language To Its Employee Welfare Policy

    The latest in Stoli's responses to the attempted boycott of its vodka.

    American gay bars and LGBT groups have been boycotting Russian vodka in light of Russia's recent anti-gay laws.

    Macey J. Foronda

    Since then, Stoli's parent company, SPI Group, has added a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.

    Previously, the website did not include this language, and received criticism for it.

    Stoli responded to the boycott in July.

    Stoli's CEO, Val Madeleev, wrote that Stoli fully supports the anger of the LGBT community in response to Russia's anti-gay laws. The letter also pointed out that Stoli is not actually made in Russia, is not owned or supported by the Russian government, but is made with some Russian ingredients.

    Perhaps because of the heightened discussion, Stoli has become an arguably bigger focus in the boycott than other Russian vodkas.

    In addition, America Blog criticized the policy for not including protection for trans people.