Michael Jordan’s Daughter Confronts Rumors About Her Being Gay

Her response makes a lot more sense than the rumors ever did.

1. A few weeks ago, Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan’s daughter, posted this picture on her Instagram:

She wrote “#tbt some of my fav pics with my boo @carmtt44 even tho she irks me. Lol #ShesCrázy #LoveHer #WhyMyHairDifferentInAllPics #SeeYaSoon”

2. The woman in the photos with Jasmine confirmed that they were dating:

3. Later that day, Jasmine posted this picture:

“#repost @carmtt44 at least I cropped out my socks #MirrorPics #TBTCarmJazEdition #SheNeverLetMeRock #TheDisrespectHasReturned”

4. Many gossip sites used the Instagram posts as proof that she was coming out as gay.

However, Jasmine never confirmed that she was gay.

5. She posted this response on her Instagram a week later.

She also wrote “MTO has struck again! Lol but just like the last time, I’m chillin and not bothered. Negativity go to the left and take a seat. No time for that! Everyone have an amazing day!”

6. Seriously awesome response, Jasmine.

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