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    Logo Has Launched A New Soap Opera On Vine

    It's amazing. And brief.

    Logo TV is producing a show filmed entirely on Vine. It's called "The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc."

    It's actually kind of amazing.

    (Remember to click the upper left hand corner for sound.)

    Logo says of the short episode length, "Already overcommitted viewers need not worry about dedicating too much of their [...] schedules to the series as the entire season."

    Thanks, Logo, now I feel guilty for spending 6 hours last Saturday watching Buffy reruns.

    The drama! The intrigue!

    Logo will be coming out with a new episode every day on their Vine account, LogoTV.

    There will be 22 episodes in all, clocking the entire show at a little over two minutes.

    What will happen next?!?!