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19 Reasons Cory And Shawn Were The Most Important Couple On "Boy Meets World"

Yeah, yeah, Topanga, blah blah. Cory and Shawn were meant for each other.

1. Because even from the beginning everyone knew they were perfect for each other.

2. Because Cory could always rely on Shawn when everyone else fell through.

3. Because Cory wouldn't let Shawn go.

4. Because they could barely be apart from each other.

5. Because they were in it for the long run.

6. Because they found a way to talk to each other no matter what.

7. Because Shawn could make everything better.

8. Because they said the sweetest things to each other.

9. Because Shawn made Cory defenseless.

10. Because Shawn knew exactly how to please Cory.

11. Because anyone who came between their love was a traitor.

12. Because Cory's wedding made Shawn freak out.

13. Because this happened:

14. Because every time they almost broke up, our hearts were ripped open.

No! Stop! You two are endgame!

15. Because literally everyone knew it.

16. Come on.

17. If this isn't love, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

18. I MEAN.