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18 Etsy Items Any Self-Respecting Lesbian Should Own

Because literally no one will take you seriously if you don't have a "The L Word" watch.

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8. These word blocks "for Gift or Mixed Media Fun," $12:

"Use them to make your friends smile, or put them in your photos for added exposure. I think they are super artsy. [...] This one can spell LEN or LEZ in case you want to honor that special guy named Lenny, or the Lesbian in your life. (or both?)"


17. This "Pixel Vagina" tote bag, $39.65:

"For a bag with a huge pussy plastered on it's front, the Pixel Vagina Tote is surprisingly inconspicuous. From across the room the bag is just a pattern of pinks, ochers, and burnt umbers. But From down the street it reads as a giant bobbing vagina. Hilarious!"