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Remember The 90's Kids

A collection of what can only be described as bitter-sweet nostalgia. Enjoy! <90's> <90's Kids>

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Your saturday morning cartoons were small nuggets of comedic brilliance.

Your literature surpassed Shakespeare.

You understand the joy of inserting a game into one of these bad boys.

You've thought about attempting at least one of the Home Alone traps.

Your virtual pet often enthused you more than an actual animal.

You watched the greatest version of Power Rangers known to man.

The Macarena was your go-to move.

A razor scooter was your primary mode of transportation.

You craved the power that light-up shoes gave you.

Some of your greatest adventures were your rigorous hunts through a Blockbuster.

Let's just take a moment to review some of your five star snack options..........

And at your game options..........

Heads up seven up

Heads up seven up

Heart attack in a box.

Heart attack in a box.

Feeling nostalgic yet?

Mmmbop was your favorite song at one point. was Bye Bye Bye.

These two were a girl's definition of "crush."

Your writing skills were easily improved by using one of these.

Speaking of school supplies, what girl didn't have a Lisa Frank folder.

you witnessed NickJr, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, PbsKids, and cartoon network at its peak.

You drew this on your desk once or twice.

In conclusion, I die little facing the fact that i no longer live in the 90's...and also because i can't play with some of this...

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