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    Calico The Basic Hedgehog Is The Cutest Animal On Instagram

    She loves nail polish, coffee mugs, and Taylor Swift.

    This is Calico. She's a hedgehog by day, superhog by night.

    When she's not saving the world from big bad hogs, she's trying on new tutus.

    "Does this tutu make my tail look big?"

    She's a Taylor Swift fan...

    ...but also has a penchant for soccer.

    She also really likes selfies...

    ...bubble baths... mugs...

    ...and essie nail polish.

    Calico also really knows how to party.

    This is her Halloween costume from last year.

    This is Calico at last year's Christmas party.

    And finally, she was very excited when it turned 2015.

    For more basic cuteness, follow Calico on Instagram: @adventuresofcalico.