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10 Things You Wouldn't Expect Bunnies To Do

But they do!

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1. They rule an island. All by themselves.

Japan's abandoned island, Ōkunoshima, was once a radiation testing site during WWII. However, when the island was evacuated, due to hazardous chemicals, rabbits somehow found their way onto the island and did what bunnies are known for doing. They repopulated by the hundreds, and the now-named "Rabbit Island" is a popular tourist site.


4. They can fly. And aren't afraid to flaunt their flying-abilities

Rabbits are champions at agility courses. They can jump up to two feet high and eight feet far. Think about that....

5. They can fight.

We all kind of expect rabbits to lay down and die when they're afraid. But bunnies love life dearly, and aren't afraid to get the scissors when they want cats to cut it out.

6. They can win more ribbons in one show than we might win in our lifetime.

When we were kids, we would get a rainbow ribbon and a coupon for free pizza when winning the science fair. Bunnies can go to one show and come out with rosettes and trophies bigger than they are.

7. They make excellent soccer players

So, alright, half of them are sleeping. Actually, all of them are sleeping. But they've got their gear on, their uniforms are all pressed, and when the turtles eventually get to making their first move, you can bet that those bunnies will be on it.

10. They are, without a doubt, the most heart-melting fluffballs known to mankind.

You can try to argue. You can try. Trying arguing while looking at that little piece of heaven. Try arguing....

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