10 Seriously Underrated Pets

In a world mainly dominated by cats and dogs, these guys still hold out in the shadow of the others.

1. Hermit Crabs

No, they are not living rocks. No, they don’t just “sit” there. Extremely active at night, they play, make friends (occasionally), and even sing on warm summer nights.

2. Chickens

Despite the “stupid” rumors, chickens are pretty smart, are able to play games, and form companionships with people. Along with that, some of them are pretty damn gorgeous.

3. Turtles

Some of them are a lot faster than you think. Plus, they’ll make faces at you for no reason.

4. Fish

No, I’m not talking about the typical orange goldfish that has no motivation in life. I’m talking about the badass ones with badass colors that will impress your friends and smile at you when you come home.

5. Cockatiels

They’re sassy, they’re curious, and they learn really quickly. They’re basically toddlers in a bird form.

6. Rabbits

Think about rabbits as the cuddlier, sweeter, and less sarcastic version of cats.

7. Guinea Pigs

They make the most adorable noises when you open a packet of food that they think is for them.

8. Lizards

They’re sexy and they know it

9. Chinchillas

As long as you don’t mind the occasional dust bath, you’ll have a non-judgemental hula partner.

10. Ravens

Not sure if they’re really legal in all states, but these birds are geniuses. However, we don’t recommend them if you already have a cat, as these masterminds will probably think of a way to world domination if paired together.

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