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30 Thoughts While Watching Taylor Swift's New Music Video, "Blank Space"

Spoiler: At minute 1:50 it gets SO good

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1. A "film," that's fancy

2. There is that cat, Olivia, again

3. Oh hello, mister, who are you?

4. He looks kinda evil. Like if he were in "Pretty Little Liars," I'd assume he was A.

5. That is one nice house

6. He is so shifty. It's hot.

7. Quick phone search...Sean O'Pry… male super model...good to know.


18. Oh Crazy Taylor is so much better than Perfect Taylor

19. She could be in a scary movie

20. Did she just punch that fireplace? Her hands would be bleeding.

21. She is insane in such a good way

22. Hahah is his shirt supposed to be like Mean Girls


23. What's this apple for?

24. Woah, how did they get her to twirl it like that

25. She loves red, I wonder if that's her favorite color

26. I want cake

27. Yikes, not blood filled cake

28. I want to hit a car with a golf club

29. She is standing on a horse!!

30. This is awesome.

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