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23 Signs You Went To An All-Girls School

Because seeing a male was the most exciting thing that could happen.

1. Your most difficult decision in the morning was which one of these kilts to put on.

If it was summer, you had another option!

When you got to college, getting dressed was really difficult.

2. When you saw the second-graders in the hallway, you always said hi. They were your reading buddies, after all.

3. There were three male teachers, and everyone thought they were SO DREAMY.

Only one of them really was.

4. A girl in your class brought her boyfriend to school to visit and everyone did this.

It was totally OK to stare.

5. There were snacks, everywhere, always. Where did they even come from?

6. You didn't really care how you looked, because hey, there were no boys.

7. You thought it was acceptable to change in the middle of the hallway, and it totally was.

8. You could ask, "Does anyone have a tampon?" in the middle of class and no one was uncomfortable.

9. If you got invited to prom at your brother school, you were like, the coolest girl in your grade.

It was totally awkward.

10. There was at least one girl in your grade who had never spoken to a boy.

Male cousins don't count.

11. And there was at least one girl in your grade who never wanted to speak to a boy.

12. You probably shaved your legs, like, never.

13. When your brother school visited campus, this happened.

14. At one time or another, you claimed you wish you went to a co-ed school. Really, you were thinking this.

In reality, it would be terrifying.

15. You read a lot of great female writers. / Via

But really, reading Jane Austen for class was fantastic.

16. This lady taught you about sex-ed...sort of.

17. Your school's football team was undefeated since 1882, or whatever year it was founded.

Your school also had a shirt with this joke on it.

18. This was considered to be P.E.

Or anything similar and ridiculous in nature.

19. Claiming you were not a feminist.

20. The hallways were lined with pictures like this.

21. There were amazing traditions that were too weird to explain to your friends in college.

All of these things normally occurred during school.

22. You wore this for graduation.

No one thought it was weird.

23. And finally, when someone asked if you were going to go to a women's college...

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