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    10 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl

    While there are a few good things about being short like buying shoes from the kid's section (so much cheaper), there are also quite a few problems us shorties have to deal with on a regular basis. Here we go.

    1. Being an armrest for all your friends.

    2. Not being able to reach the top shelf.

    3. Having to pay twice as much for jeans to get them hemmed.

    4. Being mistaken for being younger than you actually are.

    5. Standing next to a tall guy makes you look like a small child.

    6. People trying to pick you up.

    7. Sitting behind a tall person in class.

    8. Wearing heels in order to be normal height.

    9. Feet are constantly dangling when sitting on anything.

    10. Always being in the front row of pictures or the end of the "Cingular bars."

    But anyways, if you're short, embrace it. You won't have to worry about hitting your head on anything and you might be able to get away with ordering off the kid's menu (hello, mac and cheese!)