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11 Meals In Los Angeles That Every Vegetarian Should Avoid

Nice to MEAT you, L.A.

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2. The Godmother Sandwich from Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica / Via

Many a Westside office has sent an intern or assistant out to grab this meaty Signature Sandwich from Santa Monica's Bay Cities Deli - it has prosciutto, ham, capi cola, mortadella, Genoa salami and provolone cheese. It is best enjoyed with hot peppers added in.

3. Prime Rib Eye from Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong in K-Town

Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong / Via

Nearly any meat you watch cooked in front of you at Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong (or any Korean BBQ spot) will satisfy your deepest carnivore desires but the Prime Rib stands out at this always busy Koreatown mainstay located in a bustling courtyard.

4. The Morning Commute dog from Venice Beach's Dogtown Dogs food truck. / Via

Los Angeles is known for it's bacon-wrapped street dogs but the mad geniuses at Dogtown Dogs decided to top the whole thing with a fried egg for extra breakfast-y goodness.

5. "Original" French Dipped Beef Sandwich from Philippe's / Cole's / Via

An L.A. debate more fierce than Magic vs. Kobe rages about whether Cole's or Philippe's is the true "original" French Dipped Sandwich in Los Angeles. Veggies should steer clear of both while meat-eaters should try both because you have to be fair right?

6. Pork Shank at Birch in Hollywood / Via

This may be as hearty and savory (and relatively inexpensive) a gourmet meat meal as one can find in Los Angeles at the relatively new Birch restaurant on Hollywood's buzzy Cahuenga Boulevard.

7. The "Lots Of Meat" Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza from Masa in Echo Park / Via

This L.A take on a Chicago favorite will tempt even the veganist of vegans... Italian sausage and pepperoni stacked on top of a deep dish pizza of cheese all baked within a cornmeal crust.

8. #19 Pastrami Sandwich at Langer's Deli in Downtown Los Angeles / Via

The #19 Pastrami Sandwich from the legendary Langer's Delicatessen might just be the most famous sandwich in Los Angeles. It dares you not to try it.

9. The Office Burger from Father's Office

Discover Los Angeles / Via

With locations in Culver City and Santa Monica, Father's Office definitely has claims to best burger on the Westside and it might just have the best gourmet burger in Los Angeles.

11. A Double-Double from In-N-Out

Fast Food In USA / Via

At the end of the day, there is no vegetarian kryptonite quite like this fast food pièce de résistance from In-N-Out. From the harbor of Marina Del Rey to the far-flung hills of Santa Clarita and beyond, there is no meat meal in Southern California quite like this masterpiece from In-N-Out.

It's what a hamburger's all about.

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