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    16 Burgers You Need To Eat In Baltimore

    The home of the crab has more than a handful of spots to get a delicious burger!

    1. Hamilton Tavern

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    The Crosstown Burger

    2. Clark Burger

    im.forked.up / Via

    The Clark Burger

    3. Koopers Tavern

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    Farmhouse Lamb Burger

    4. Alewife

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    The Smoke Burger

    5. Abbey Burger Bistro

    dukje / Via

    Red Deer Burger

    6. Owl Bar

    likethetea / Via

    French Quarter Burger

    7. Bluegrass Tavern

    JZeats / Via

    Roseda Farms Dry Aged Burger

    8. Myth & Moonshine

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    Bordeaux Burger

    9. Iron Rooster

    OfficialFoodGroup / Via

    Breakfast Burger

    10. C&R Pub

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    Cowpoke Burger

    11. Blue Hill Tavern

    OfficialFoodGroup / Via

    Wagyu Beef Tavern Burger

    12. Of Love & Regret

    OfficialFoodGroup / Via

    Kansas City Connection

    13. Twist

    liketheteaEATS / Via

    Ten Thirty-Five

    14. Dooby's

    OfficialFoodGroup / Via

    Special Burger

    15. Nickel Taphouse

    liketheteaeats / Via

    The Purist Burget

    16. SoBo Market

    JZEats / Via

    Spicy Lamb Burger

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