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    • LikaLaruku

      Ancient Egypt = Eyeliner = Copper, malachite, soot, lead sulphite, & fat. Lipstick = Crushed carmine beetle shells & ant eggs. Ancient Greeks = White lead skin bleaching cream with red lead blush. Soap made with animal fat & ashes. Baroque/Rococo = Lead & vinegar foundation, mercury skin peel, wigs powdered with potato starch. 1800s = Skin bleaching lotion made with mercury, lead, & corrosive carbolic acid. Radium bath salts. Soaps made from corrosive lye. 1930s = Mercury based mascara that could cause blindness, an early version of Nair that shared ingredients with rat poison, skin cream made with cow & pig brains. Late 20th century - today = Lipstick made of whale fat & crushed Cochineal beetles, whale vomit perfume, fish scale nail polish, bull semen conditioner, corrosive Sodium Laurel Sulfate in everything, snail mucus moisturizer, shark liver in lipbalm & sunscreen, liquefied sheep wool shaving cream & lotion.

    • LikaLaruku

      1 & 2) It’s probably because you’ve gained a new confidence that draws people to pay attention to you while you had self esteem issues previously that people were picking up on. Just watch competitive shows on Food Network; the mousey ones get less screen time. 3) Self esteem again. Shy uninteresting people are far more likely to be interrupted.  4) & you’re going to show us evidence that you’re working the same job at the same company, right? 5) Really? Because pregnant women & single mothers get bigger social security checks. 6) Where the hell were you shopping before that you couldn’t find practical women’s clothing? Men on the other hand have very little selection & are more likely to be criticized for going outside their limited fashion box. Mens fashion is actually so stagnant that it’s barely changed since the early 1900s. Lastly, women are the biggest, harshest critics of what other people are wearing. 7)Then you must be more attractive as a man than you were a woman, because attractive people, like rich people, get things handed to them. 8)What decade did you receive these teachings, because they change with the laws over time. 9)The odds of being raped are based mostly on attractiveness, weight, or breaking up with a sociopath. Women probably are more likely to get mugged, but that’s because it’s less effort to grab a purse & run than to hold a guy up & demand he empty his pockets. 10)People who get roofied get roofied by acquaintances, not total strangers. Also being attractive plays heavily on this. A beautiful young man is just as likely to get roofied, but he will be made fun of endlessly by his peers if he reports it. 12) They won’y say it to your face, but they’re still thinking it. I for one am a pretty judgmental woman who has no problem telling a man I just met that he’d look 20 years younger if he shaved. & if he quickly retorts with something about my appearance, I’ll respect him more for it than if he’d just called me a bitch, stood there silently, or walked away. 13)Body hair on men disgusts me. Body hair disgusts me in general. 14)That’s because of a popular fetish women have for older men, in which they assume are more mature, while men prefer younger women because they’re more fertile & energetic. 15)Fat men are judged all he time. A fat woman has a far greater chance of getting laid than a fat man because most Chubby Chasers are attracted to women. 16)In my experience, women have always been the louder sex. Italian, Irish, French, African American, Latino, Chinese, Korean, & Jewish women are stereotypicaly reported to be quite loud.  17)Porn I’ll grant you. Hentai too.  18)That’s because they don’t find you attractive. Try hanging out with sexually active single older women in your new attractive male body & see if things don’t get awkward.  19)Hate to tell you this, but if you’re playing a multiplayer game with voice chat, even as a man you’re going to get just as much shit for every little thing you do or don’t do. Also, no one cares if a gamer is female; there’s absolutely no reason to ever point this out unless you’re trying to seek special treatment. 20) Why wasn’t it always that way? I am a woman & I have always put my own self interests before anyone else’s. Regardless, if your parents are still alive, thy’re going to expect you to take them in & nurse them when they’re elderly. It’s the least you can do for all the money & time they’ve sacrificed on you. 21)Choosing to be demoralized by slut shaming is a choice. Choosing to be offended by name calling is a choice. If someone calls me a bitch, I say “yeah, I’m a bitch & proud of it. This takes power away from the offender & renders the insult powerless. 22)Not sure how this works. Women are generally given more space so as to avoid accidently elbowing a breast or getting knocked over by swaying hips. When a man is given more space, it’s usually because he’s fat, sweaty, unattractive, or reeks of Axe. 23)If you’re mousey or seem to have free time on your hands, more assertive coworkers will ask you to do this regardless of sex. 24)My mother & my last boss were very assertive authoritarian women with job security, & no one ever questioned how they got there. Of course it’s wise not to question the people who have control over your paycheck & vacation time.  25)Again, it’s all about self esteem vs being mousey.

    • LikaLaruku

      Where I live, if you’re Asian, you’re probably Korean. Why? Because 1/4 of the buildings have Hangul on it & there are two Korean supermarkets. (That carry lumpia & maccha cakes for some reason, but yum). Why are nonasian americans surprised you speak English well? Less than 5% of the people in most towns are Asian, & you’ve lived in 3 different states & had yet to come across a single Japanese, Chinese, or Thai takeout restaurant with a receptionist who had a pacific northwest english accent. The Laotians that live next door? They don’t speak a word of english when they throw loud parties on the weekend. My college buddy Kouhei flunked Italian because he & the instructor couldn’t understand eachother’s accents. Why don’t we consider Indians asian? A good chunk of Americans consider India to be part of the middle east. For one, Indians have little to no influence from east Asia & look nothing like east asians. Secondly, we learned in school that the middle east invaded India centuries ago & had a huge influence on changes in food, fashion, & genetics.

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