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    Signs You're A Fitness Freak

    Don't read this while you're on the treadmill, it's dangerous.

    1. Once a week, you walk like a penguin.

    It's leg day, people.

    2. Your social life revolves around your workout schedule.

    Sorry, I'll be working out. Catch you next time?

    3. You have a line item in your budget for supplements.

    Looks like we're in the red on protein powder, honey.

    4. You have more workout clothes than work clothes.

    Wait, are yoga pants appropriate for the office?

    5. You see your trainer more often than your friends.

    Correction: your trainer is your best friend.

    6. You take more showers at the club than you do at home.

    What? The towels are warm! And you've been out of body wash for two months!

    7. When someone asks you if you "want to go out" you assume they mean "...for a run."

    That gets...awkward.

    8. You check your heart rate monitor more than you check your text messages.


    9. You have more workout bags than handbags.

    It's called an "investment piece."

    10. Your motto is "work hard, play hard."

    But only because you can apply both parts to your workout.

    11. Your idea of Happy Hour is a workout from 4-6pm.

    Which means you and your friends also have different ideas of what a "bar" is.

    12. You swipe your club card more than your credit card.

    ...and you've maybe tried to use it while buying groceries. Oops.

    13. You have two modes: beast mode and asleep.

    What other way is there to function?

    14. You know what "gains" means.

    And it's not a bad thing.

    15. You can name more club employees than you can first cousins.!

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