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    • lifehacksimmediately

      I’ve been calledahipster for wearingatie toarestaurant (dressing too nice) and for wearing an old shirt (dressing terribly). I’ve been calledahipster for not shaving for four days. Been calledahipster for having long hair and for having short hair. If I’m wearingaplaid shirt, I’matrend-following hipster; ifIpoint out that I’ve worn plaid shirts sinceIwas four,Iget “That’s exactly whatahipster would say.” Someone on the Internet said thataphoto of me (featured on this site) was hipster because of my coat, of which you could see about 3%, and it was justablack winter coat. It’s really an amazing and versatile word.Imiss when it meant you were lazy and self-entitled. Now it just means “I’m mad and you’re wearingashirt!”

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