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    • libra

      I see how some people keep talking about how irritated they are about how she felt about people with skin problems and that she probably deserves it.Iunderstand that what she wrote sounds superficial, but that’s why she wrote in the next sentence that she knows now that it’s not right to judge people by their appearance or acne problems ‘cause she knows they havea“good nature,agood heart and they’reafighter”. She is not trying to insult anyone, she is sharingawell learned lesson about not judging people for the outside and care about the inside. Second,Idon’t think anyone deserves something like that,Ireally hope she gets better. It must be hard for anyone who suffers severe acne, because most of us if not all areaat leastalittle self-conscious about how we look like (I haveacouple breakouts and sometimes it really bothers me).Iwish the best of all to those people who suffer any kind of skin condition.

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