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    What If "Barks And Recreation"?

    In honor of the series finale of NBC's Parks and Recreation we carefully examine which dog breed best represents each character.

    Leslie Knope

    Golden Retriever. Loyal, loving, hard working. Patriotic, apparently.

    Ben Wyatt

    Weimaraner. Stately, refined, looks like he should be wearing a suit at all times. Maybe a little boring.

    Andy Dwyer

    Laborador Retriever. Loving, excitable, sometimes dumb as a stump.

    Donna Meagle

    Shih Tzu. Fancy, independent, used to being treated like royalty. Treat yo self.

    Tom Haverford

    Chihuahua. Energetic, needy, pocket-sized.

    Garry Gergich

    English Bulldog. Dopey, lovable, clumsy.

    Ann Perkins

    Longhair Dachshund. Beautiful, pretty, nice hair. (Sorry, Ann.)

    Chris Traeger

    Beagle. Determined, high-achieving, good-looking.

    But not everyone has a canine soul mate...

    Ron Swanson

    Cat. Standoffish, libertarian. Only a dog would work for the government.

    April Ludgate

    Black cat. Prickly, independent. Will lure you into a false sense of security.


    Share your breed picks below and mourn the end of a great sitcom in the only way the internet knows how: animal pictures.