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    11 Animals That Are Dealing With Winter Better Than You Are

    Winter is endless. Let these animal role models inspire you to persevere.

    1. This puppy who still appreciates a good snowfall.

    2. Bao Bao, the National Zoo's baby panda.

    3. This cat who isn't concerned by a few wayward flakes in the fur.

    4. This intrepid Corgi wagon train.

    5. This tiger who knows you can get through this.

    6. This guinea pig who knows that whiteouts are no reason to be colorless.

    7. This cardinal who thinks that guinea pig was on to something.

    8. These otters who were definitely not roughhousing before you dropped by.

    9. This cow who thinks the cold is no reason not to see the sights.

    10. This chicken who thinks that bad weather is no reason to get your feathers ruffled.

    11. This husky who found his bliss.

    This bunny feels you, though.