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    15 Times Michael Scott Was All Of Us Graduating From College

    The life of a fourth year freshman who can't accept the impending doom of graduation.

    1. When this was no longer acceptable.

    2. When someone reminds you of graduation and you just need to put them in their place.

    3. Realizing it's going to happen and you can't stop it.

    4. When people ask about your plans after college and you're still not sure.

    5. When you consider going abroad after you graduate.

    6. Hearing about a 401K, insurance, budgeting, and other important parts about being an adult.

    7. When you finally get a job interview and you're asked about something you know nothing about.

    8. When during said interview, you have to say what your weaknesses are but you're still trying to impress the employer.

    9. When you attempt to justify living with debt.

    10. Your thoughts, 24/7.

    11. Going to dollar night at the bars and realizing you can't do this forever.

    12. When a professor gives out homework left and right like their sole purpose in life is to ruin your senior year.

    13. When it's the night before graduation and you look at your friends and realize you're all about to go your separate ways

    14. And finally, when it's graduation day and you realize your days of homework and exams are over.

    15. Unless you decide to go to graduate school.