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Top 10 Hidden Gems In Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

Small Towns Come with Bizarre, Unique, and Beautiful Features

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10. "Top of the World"

While technically not in Saint Johnsbury, if you follow the off-roading trails, you will find this "mountain". With amazing views, and a quiet top, it is the epitome of peace in Vermont. Explore a little bit and you will find a man and his dog's grave.

6. Abandoned Factory

This Abandoned Factory has plenty of nooks and crannies to explore when going inside. While technically not open to the public, many have gone inside to explore. Inside you will find things such as a homeless person's belongings (including a creepy doll set up), a noose, and plenty of bullet casings. It's worth the effort it takes to make it in.

4. The Lookout

The Lookout is located off Mount Pleasant Street at the end of Country View Lane. Not every town is lucky enough to have a lookout, which makes it quite the gem (even with all the partying that goes on up there). For such a small place, it boasts a variety of views, from the hills to the highway.

2. Dog Chapel

The Dog Chapel is a place for dogs and their owners alike to celebrate their dog's and previous dog's life. They can take their dogs there to run around or just go in the chapel and remember their childhood friend.

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