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23 Signs You're Definitely Amy Brookheimer From "Veep"

Just admit the inevitable.

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1. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING stands between you and hummus.

2. You'd sooner cut off your left arm than part ways with your phone.

3. This is the meltdown of your dreams. (Also, your idea of letting loose)

4. Your blatant use of sarcasm often puts others at a loss for words.

5. You are NOT one of those fucking weirdos that celebrates three-month-aversaries.

6. Throwing behind the back shade is your specialty.

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7. Some things (like patience) are a virtue and are to be used sparingly.

8. You're always putting the safety of others first.

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Excluding like, one or two people.

9. You've never had any trouble in the creative department.

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10. You're the master of prioritizing time.

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11. Your love for food knows no bounds.

12. You're always thinking one step ahead (even under the influence of alcohol).

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13. Amy's facial expressions are basically your facial expressions on any given day.

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HBO / Via

14. You have a knack for exposing universal truths.

15. You see right through people's honesty.

16. You don't hold back when proving a point. No one's safe. Not even vegetables.

17. You don't get why some people can't just very literally keep calm and carry on.

18. Your competitiveness tends to scare people at times.

19. You get that all's fair in the game of love and fashion.

20. The word heartbreak doesn't exist in your vocabulary.

21. Calming people down has never been your strong suit.

22. People can always count on you for the truth.

23. *Look up. Look down. Continue typing*

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