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16 Reasons You'll Miss Nasim Pedrad On "Saturday Night Live"

I came out tonight to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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1. Carrie Mathison's ugly cry face ain't got nothing on Nasim.

2. I trusted you. We all trusted you. Now you're leaving and Weekend Update just won't be the same.

3. First Gilly, now SHALLON?!

NBC / Via

Too soon SNL, too soon.

4. I think Nasim may have just missed her calling.

NBC / Via

Move over Kim, a new music video star is born!

5. So this is the preview for her TED Talk, right?

6. No need to flirt Nasim, we already love you.

7. R.I.P Waking Up With Kimye. We were really hoping North West would make an appearance.

8. Here come the waterworks again.

NBC / Via


9. Is this version of Aladdin in theaters yet?

NBC / Via

Someone make it happen.

10. Could you get a more supportive sister?

11. Whoopsies.

12. Nasim does a better Rachel Green than Rachel Green herself.

13. If Nicki Minaj had a troop of minions, I imagine they'd look something like this:

14. If anyone's gonna call Seth Meyers flakey little baklava, it's gonna be Nasim.

15. Listen Santa, I'm only asking for one present this year. DON'T LET NASIM LEAVE SNL

16. Don't you DARE wave at us. We'll never be ready to say goodbye.

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