• “Oops!” We’re not REALLY on Mars.

    Who cares that this video made no sense? That red jumpsuit was AWESOME. And it’s not like she’s doing any weird, non-song-connected sci-fi video nowadays…..wait a minute….

  • Before Jamie-Lynn Spears Fucked it Up

    The closest a bunch of kids ever came to creating a family-friendly SNL.

  • It WAS Their World.

    My best friend still owns this on VHS, and we watched it recently…and I loved it.

  • Signs of the Crimes.

    Who knew from the bridge scene in this video that she’d get in countless future fender-benders?

  • Excuse Me, I Have to Clean Up Its Mess.

    I don’t know about you, but I felt very important when I had a Tamagotchi to take care of.

  • YAY! Version 6-point-3-point-4-point…

    The internet was so much more special when it was on disc.

  • SNICK.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Magic Magic Magic

    I’d like to believe that the then-recent Gulf War had nothing to do with Jasmine and Aladdin looking particularly “American” among a bunch of stereotyped Arab men.

  • Hanson Did an Eggo Commercial.

    Did you forget how big they were? If 1997 was 2011, ItsKinglseyBitch would totally do an “Overexposed” for them.

  • What My Young Dreams Were Made Of.

    I know this was 2003, but fuck it. I was 11 and thought this was the most inspirational song ever. And I still have the kid’s dream of being in front of screaming fans. Don’t we all?