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      Why is no action being taken against such people and countries supporting such acts? Why should innocent civilians suffer all the time for being at the wrong place at the wrong time? I strongly suggest that all schools globally must start educating on how evil it is to take up the path of terrorism and that this whole theory is wrong and they must never believe in it even if it is preached by the highest person of their religious order. Schools should preach that kids must instead take up the path of non violence and they must take oath to always take sides of peace. May God give strength to everyone affected by this incident….strength to forget and move on, strength to recover from their physical injuries, strength to recover from their mental injuries and most of it strength to calm down and be at peace. All of us as responsible members of civil society should teach our kids to be better people and to stick to paths of non violence and peace. Lets make this world a better place.

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