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People Went Crazy Over This Stray Cat That Ran Through A Baseball Game

A purr-fect homerun.

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Something exciting happened in the middle of Thursday night's St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels game. A cat scampered across the field as Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright, fired up for a pitch.

The Southern California stadium's Jumbotron quickly flashed the words "Rally Cat II" as the frightened feline scampered across the field.

Rally cat @ Angel game! #crazycat

The Angels' first "Rally Cat" was a black-and-white cat that found itself on the field in 2014.

The team quickly embraced the orange cat as its "Rally Cat" for the evening.

We need a rally right meow... #RallyCat

People were pretty distracted by the cat during the game.

@heyitssophia15 / Via Twitter: @heyitssophia15

Other people were volunteering to be their favorite team's cat catcher.

@kelsWingert / Via Twitter: @KelsWingert

The wayward feline even may have converted some people into baseball fans.

@Lindsay_Westt / Via Twitter: @Lindsay_Westt

Angel Stadium may have to reassess its pet policy.

@EACNYY / Via Twitter: @EACNYY

But unlike the Angels' original Rally Cat, this stray was taken to a local adoption agency by the team.

I have an update on the cat! He/she was picked up by the Angels and taken to a local adoption agency. They will find him/her a new home.

Turns out the cat may have been a good luck charm for St. Louis. The Angels lost the game 12–10 to the Cardinals.

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