12 Of The Saddest Animals With Underbites

These poor creatures! The plight they go through. Between the extensive cost of dental hygiene, the painstaking effort they put into trying to eat, and the daily ridicule they are subjected to, we need to sympathize with them, not make fun of them! Hehe… but… look at them.

Dear friend, yes you… It’s us here, the dogs and cats of the Internet… with under bites.

We know, we might look a little silly.

We might look a little bit smug, too.

We may even appear surprised.

Very surprised.

Or maybe that’s anger.

Yeah, it’s anger. We’re mad… MAD!

We’re also sad.

And just a little bit crazy.

But whatever you think of us…

Just know we have feelings too.

So be careful about the jokes you make about our teeth.

You can reserve all jokes for this dog instead. Thank you.

Sincerely, the dogs and cats of the world with under bites.

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