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    30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Make You Feel A Little More Grown Up

    You know you're an adult when you get extremely excited about home decor.

    1. A glam rectangular floor mirror to make any room look bigger and brighter with minimal effort. Plus, it gives you a place to double-check your outfit from head to toe so you don't walk out of the house with mismatched shoes.

    the rectangular floor mirror in reviewer's room

    2. A metal bar cart so you can make some sense of the random bottles of booze and barware lying around the house. This cart will make you practically look like a craft mixologist.

    gold bar cart on wheels with circular accent in back, glass shelves, and barware on top

    3. A sleek coffee table with a lift-top to help you hide remotes and all the random things lying around when guests come over. Plus, it becomes a makeshift work (or web surfing) table when needed.

    4. A kitchen cart that instantly gives you more counter space to try out all those recipes you've been bookmarking over the years. No more excuses to Postmates dinner again, sorry!

    kitchen island cart with marble top and white shelves and legs and wheels

    5. A bamboo hamper way more discreet and stylish than a) having your dirty laundry in piles on the floor and b) that old hamper from college that's practically collapsing in on itself at this point.

    bamboo laundry hamper with lining next to a shoe rack

    6. A rectangular dining table so you have a dedicated place to sit down for meals that's not your couch or floor. And it can sit up to six people, so you can host all the dinner parties you've been dreaming of!

    the brown table with chairs around it

    7. A set of floating shelves to show off your favorite photos, plants, and other decor in a minimalist (and honestly, magical) way.

    8. A sleek Novagratz convertible sofa with curves in all the right places that's a major style upgrade from your old Craigslist futon that's seen better days. It also conveniently turns into an extra bed for impromptu naps or unexpected overnight guests!

    9. A set of six stemless wineglasses because it's about time you upgraded to some real glasses instead of drinking wine out of random plastic cups you find in your cupboard. This is adulting, people.

    six wine glasses

    10. A low-profile platform bed that'll upscale your bedroom and help create a relaxing haven for you to enjoy every day. Say goodbye to the days when you were somehow fine with having a mattress lying directly on the floor.

    wood platform bed with wood and gray headboard

    11. A bamboo bathroom accessory set to turn your cluttered countertop into a more spa-worthy, cohesive display of tools and essentials.

    bamboo bathroom accessory set on a shelf, including a toothbrush holder, rectangular tray, accessory tray, and pump dispenser

    12. A Vitamix blender with 10 speeds that lets you create smoothies, soups, nut butters, sauces, and more — all with just the press of a button.

    vitamix experian bledner on a counter next to a smoothie and fruit

    13. A stainless-steel sink caddy so not only are your sponges and dish brushes always within reach but they're also stored in a way to prevent bacteria growth because, yuck.

    stainless steel sink caddy mounted on the inside of a sink

    14. A wicker basket that's so much more than casual decor. It's also a hiding place for throw blankets, games, and miscellaneous items you want out of sight.

    15. A 15-piece stainless-steel knife block set complete with all the knives you could ever need to chop and cut ingredients like a pro. And it has a sharpener so you'll never have to deal with dull knives again!

    Cuisinart knife set

    16. A freestanding wine fridge to keep up to 12 of your favorite bottles of vino at the perfect temperature so they're ready to be opened and enjoyed at a moment's notice.

    17. A stainless-steel sensor trash can you can open without even touching the lid. Just wave your hand, toss the trash in, and go! Personally, a really huge fan of not having to *touch* the trash can.

    18. A Le Creuset Dutch Oven that looks great on any stove or table. But obviously, you're not here for the aesthetic — you're here because it's one of the best ways to cook a wide variety of foods. And you'll be able to impress everyone (including yourself!) when you use it for delicious stews, roasts, soups, and even desserts.

    a reviewer's orange le creuset dutch oven

    19. A Calphalon 10-piece nonstick bakeware set to give you all the options you need whether you're baking a cake or roasting some veggies. Each sheet and pan distributes heat evenly so you're less likely to accidentally burn anything, too.

    The bakeware set

    20. A SodaStream sparkling water maker because it's much easier to get your daily intake of H2O when you have fun, sparkling water on demand. And you don't have to deal with single-use plastic bottles anymore! Win-win!

    light blue sodastream maker

    21. A KitchenAid 10-speed stand mixer you won't regret investing in since it can do literally everything from mixing to kneading to whisking, and more. Plus, it makes for a colorful addition to your countertop!

    reviewer photo of light blue kitchen aid mixer

    22. An espresso machine to let you enjoy barista-quality coffee drinks without ever having to step outside (or change out of your pajamas).

    the espresso machine on a reviewer's counter

    23. And an electric burr coffee grinder so you can finally enjoy the single-origin coffee beans you bought from your local roaster the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

    the coffee grinder

    24. A cordless Dyson stick vacuum that will somehow make you actually enjoy vacuuming because it will do all the hard work for you, no matter what kind of floor surface you have.

    25. A set of four glass jars with airtight bamboo lids to keep dry goods fresh and stylishly on display. They're more attractive than having plastic bags piled up in your cabinet, and you'll easily be able to spot when you need to stock up on more food.

    four glass jars with wooden tops filled with different items

    26. A roll of peel-and-stick botanical wallpaper to turn any blank, boring wall into a bright and bold statement wall. Plus, it'll make any room feel like a tropical getaway.

    27. A storage bench you can put in the entryway to store accessories and give you a place to sit when putting on and taking off your shoes.

    28. A wooden chef's board that can be used as a cutting surface during dinner prep or a stylish base for a cheese and charcuterie board when it's your turn to host Bach night.

    29. A set of refrigerator bins because what's better than opening a fridge and seeing everything nicely organized? And you'll hopefully be able to prevent vegetables from going bad because they won't be hidden in the back corner where you forgot they existed.

    30. And an abstract area rug to help pull together the look of your room in a cool, modern way. It's versatile enough to be used in a dining room, living room, or bedroom so, honestly, grab three and put on in every room! We won't be judging.

    An abstract black and ivory area rug

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