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    31 Products From Target That'll Turn Annoying Tasks Into Enjoyable Ones

    Helping you breeze through your to-do list.

    1. A Roomba robot vacuum that's the next best thing to having a professional clean your floors. You can schedule it to suck up dirt and dust from carpets or hardwood floors. It can even get those hard-to-reach places — all you have to do is sit back on the couch and let it do the work.

    2. A box of Magic Erasers to make any dirty surfaces look as good as new without the frustration of scrubbing and using bleach that usually makes you want to give up before you even start.

    hand using a magic eraser to clean crayon from a wall

    3. A drain protector that will make cleaning your drain so much easier. Plus, it catches your hair before it has a chance to clog your drain, preventing you from standing in ankle-deep water every time you shower.

    stainless steel drain protector

    4. An at-home dry cleaning starter kit because going to the dry cleaner's is a pain (not to mention expensive) and this handy kit will allow you to remove stains, odors, and even wrinkles on your own time, in your own home, and at a fraction of the price.

    box of dryel at home cry cleaner

    5. A Google Nest learning thermostat so you can finally end the struggle of constantly getting up to adjust the temperature in your home. You can program it straight from your phone, and it learns the temperatures you like, will auto-schedule itself, and adjust for when you're home or away to save energy.

    silver circular nest thermostat on a wall

    6. A pair of smart plugs that will turn any of your "dumb" appliances into ones you can control via an app or voice control. No more having to get out of bed or running back home to check if you turned off that light.

    a model controlling a slow cooker plugged into the smart plug using their phone

    7. A rechargeable simplehuman automatic soap dispenser because with the amount of hand washing you're doing every day, this will make it easier, faster, and cleaner. (No more grimy hands touching the dispenser or soap drips all over the counter.)

    8. A programmable electric kettle that heats up water faster than a stove top kettle, so spend less time waiting for hot water. Plus, it has six preset temperatures for teas and coffee to help you optimize the taste of your favorite hot beverages.

    stainless steel electric kettle on counter next to mugs

    9. A dish brush with a built-in soap dispenser that allows you to easily suds up pots, pans, and dishes with the press of a button.

    white soap dispensing brush

    10. A rapid egg cooker to help you make the best eggs, because even though in theory, boiling eggs is simple, in practice, you're always left with overcooked or undercooked yolks and shells that refuse to come off. This cooker takes the guesswork out of making hard- or soft-boiled eggs.

    black rapid egg cooker with eggs inside next to hard boiled and deviled eggs

    11. An Instant Pot that will turn everyday meals into such an effortless affair, you'll actually ~enjoy~ cooking. And by cooking, I mean throwing a bunch of ingredients inside the pot and hitting the sauté or slow cook button.

    Instant pot with mac and cheese inside

    12. A SodaStream so you can have sparkling water anytime you want, which sure beats having to lug, store and dispose of cans and bottles.

    black sodastream on a wood block

    13. A lid organizer so anytime you need to find a container cover, you're not rummaging around the backs of your cabinets or drawers. This organizer makes it quick to find whatever size and shape you need.

    white organizer for plastic container lids

    14. A coiled rope basket that's not only stylish but also useful for picking up after yourself, because you can hide all the random stuff you don't want lying around. Out of sight, out of mind.

    grey coiled rope basket on the floor with toys inside

    15. A Quip electric toothbrush to help you properly brush your teeth every day. It has a 2-minute timer and 30-second pulses to make sure you get all your teeth sparkly clean.

    two hands holding back and copper quip toothbrushes

    16. A makeup cleansing cloth because one of the most annoying things about wearing makeup is having to wash it off. This towel will remove a full face of makeup — even mascara — with just water.

    mint green makeup cleansing cloth

    17. A Tile Pro two-pack for anyone who spends way too much time looking for their keys, phone, or wallet. Tile will help keep track of your valuables, and it comes in a pack of two, in case you misplace one of those, too.

    black tile attached to a wallet

    18. A wireless phone charger made of real marble that eliminates the need for dealing with tangled, frayed, or too-short cables. Set it and forget it (until you get another text message alert).

    marble wireless phone chargers with a phone on top

    19. A KitchenAid food chopper to cut down on time spent cutting ingredients for a meal that will be eaten in 10 minutes anyway.

    mint green kitchenaid food chopper

    20. An electric corkscrew so you can open bottles of wine without worrying about broken cork pieces getting stuck in the bottle or worse, floating around in your wine.

    stainless steel electric corkscrew

    21. A label maker that will make organizing more fun because you can go around the house and put labels on anything and everything.

    22. A garment steamer to refresh all those clothes you haven't worn because they're too wrinkly and you're too lazy to pull out the iron and ironing board.

    23. A surge protector with tons of outlets, as well as two USB ports, so that you can keep all your devices comfortably plugged in, instead of having to prioritize which ones get a coveted spot on the power strip.

    black surge protector with USB ports

    24. A self-watering planter because you're great at collecting plants but less great at keeping them alive. This planter has a built-in port for watering and a tray for retaining water so your plants will survive even during those long weekend staycations.

    white self watering planter with plant inside

    25. A two-in-one hair dryer and volumizer so you can get salon-ready hair in a matter of minutes. It dries and styles at the same time, and will making getting ready a cinch.

    26. A set of Rubbermaid produce saving containers to extend the freshness of your veggies and fruits. You'll save money, time and guilt by not constantly tossing out moldy, unused produce because you couldn't eat it fast enough.

    two rubbermaid produce saver containers with lids and produce inside

    27. A three-tiered tilt-down spice drawer that will let you organize and clearly see all your spices so you grab the right one when you're cooking or baking and don't end up using cayenne instead of cinnamon (which I have done).

    three-tier tilt down spice drawer filled with spice jars

    28. A jar opener so unscrewing even the tightest jars doesn't feel like a Herculean feat. It can open a variety of sizes and there's a base pad to keep the jar from slipping out of your hands.

    jar opener next to three jars

    29. A silicone mat that can replace aluminum foil or parchment paper for even baking. And it's also nonstick, making cleaning up afterward fast and easy.

    silicone baking mat

    30. An anti-fatigue mat to make it less painful (physically, at least) when you're standing for long periods of time doing dishes, cooking or working in front of a laptop.

    red anti fatigue mat in front of a stove

    31. A programmable coffee maker so you can wake up with a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you before you tackle the day. You can choose between regular or bold flavors and program it to brew for any hour of the day. It even has a self-cleaning feature!

    stainless steel programmable coffee maker

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