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    If You Want To Simplify Making Dinner In 2022, Try One Of These 20 Meal Delivery Services

    Dinner is served, straight to your door.

    1. Blue Apron was one of the OG meal delivery services and it still continues to, well, deliver, with a constantly changing menu that can satisfy all dietary preferences and cooking abilities.

    2. Daily Harvest will make eating more veggies and fruits easier and more delicious. All their produce is frozen at the perfect time to lock in the maximum amount of taste and nutrition, and almost all the ingredients are organic. Plus, no dishes! Everything comes in a container you can eat right out of.

    various daily harvest meals - smoothie, bites, bowls, and flatbread

    3. Purple Carrot is a plant-based, vegan meal subscription service. The meals are good for you and the planet — Purple Carrot meals release 72% less carbon into the atmosphere and require 51% less water than standard American meals.

    black sesame gnocchi

    4. HelloFresh delivers easy meals created by chefs and nutritionists and is made with responsibly sourced ingredients, so you can eat healthier without even thinking about it (or running out to the grocery store).

    three pork tacos on a wood board

    5. Home Chef offers weekly recipes, many of which allow you to customize what protein you want included, because sometimes a ribeye steak will hit the spot more than a chicken breast. And all meals can be made in about 30 minutes or less.

    A salmon meal

    6. Sunbasket has delicious meals from award-winning chefs you can savor in the comfort of your home. The meals contain high-quality, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients and you can either pick one type of meal plan or mix and match recipes each week to keep your tastebuds stimulated.

    plate with three sloppy joes with cole slaw

    7. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon lets you enjoy popular recipes from none other than Martha herself, using curated ingredients and her favorite spice blends. And if you think that means you need to be a pro in the kitchen, don't worry — the recipes only require six steps.

    Grilled Steak with Pesto& Marinated Zucchini-Green Bean Salad

    8. EveryPlate will basically make it cheaper and easier to eat in than any other option you have. Meals are ready in 30 minutes and cost under $5, which is basically less than a fancy coffee from the cafe in your neighborhood.

    White Bean Tomato Stew

    9. Hungryroot is for anyone who loves cooking a meal from scracth but doesn't love grocery shopping. This service sends you groceries every week based on your preferences, and can adjust recommendations based on your ratings, so you never have to wander aimlessly around the store again.

    overhead shot of various groceries on a table

    10. Splendid Spoon sends you plant-based meals that are ready-to-eat using whole, unprocessed ingredients. The recipes are developed in partnership with chefs and nutritionists to make sure they have the right mix of protein, fiber-rich complex carbs, and healthy fats, which means you don't have to spend the time to figure it out yourself.

    Tofu & Veggie Noodles

    11. Freshly is great for anyone who literally can't stand cooking for more than a few minutes. The meals are already cooked and delivered to you fresh in a chilled box, so all you have to do is heat them up and dig in. Dinner is served...in just three minutes or less.

    plate of chicken cordon bleu on a table next to wine and utensils

    12. Gobble meals come to your door with all the prep work already done — it's almost like having your own sous chef. Because all the peeling, chopping, and more is already done, you can have a home-cooked dinner ready in 15 minutes.

    chicken piccata with broccolini

    13. Green Chef, like its name implies, is focused on being and helping you be green. All of the produce and eggs are certified organic, and the other ingredients have no GMOs, pesticides, or antibiotics. The packaging is eco-friendly, too, and made from recycled, reusable, or compostable materials.

    beef and cheese stuffed pepper on a plate with kale salad

    14. Sakara is designed for anyone who loves clean eating, or wants to do more of it without constantly checking labels or going to multiple specialty food stores. There's no prep or cooking required with Sakara's fresh meals, which are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

    burrito bowl with pink pitaya rice, cilantro dressing, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, and beans

    15. CookUnity will upgrade your dinner table by delivering meals from a diverse group of culinary experts and Michelin-starred chefs (e.g., Jean-Georges Vongerichten of The Mercer Kitchen). Meals are hand-crafted and arrive fresh in compostable packaging, ready to provide you a fine dining experience.

    mozzarella pizza with basil

    16. Dinnerly calls its product an "affordable meal kit," and affordable it certainly is. At under $5/serving and with recipes that are just five steps, dinner will be one of the easiest parts of your day.

    Black Bean & Corn Chimichangas with Guacamole

    17. Thistle will make sure the food you eat is colorfully healthy. The fully-prepared, plant-forward meals feature superfoods like turmeric, ginger, moringa, maca, reishi, matcha, and burdock that will brighten both your plate and palate.

    Banh Mi Salad Bowl

    18. Veestro is for anyone who wants to eat more fresh vegetables but is too busy to figure out interesting ways to cook them. The meals are pre-cooked and sent frozen to you, so you can quickly heat and eat them on your own schedule.

    hearty bowl with beans, squash, rice, and broccoli

    19. Mosaic emphasizes whole-foods ingredients, which means all your plant-based meals will have will fresh veggies and fruits and whole grains, mindfully sourced from farms and distributors around New York’s Hudson Valley. For every box sold, Mosaic works with nonprofit City Harvest to distribute 2 pounds of nutritious food to New Yorkers in need.

    Ginger sesame noodles

    20. Omaha Steaks sells amazing steaks, unsurprisingly, but they also have easy, all-in-one meals for those days when you're craving protein and don't want to make a trip to the butcher.

    bourbon brisket single serve meal

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