LesFabian I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both.
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  • The Landmark Case of Hipster V. Gay

    Ah, that old debate. As sexuality becomes more and more fluid and jeans become tighter and tighter, it’s hard out there for a gay to discern a plain old, common, douchebag hipster from a boy-humping, mustache-riding, disco-dancing, Streisand-listening friend of Dorothy. In reality, the only thing truly separating one from the other is a few too many PBRs and a dimly-lit bar. However, for sartorial’s sake, let’s do a quick rundown of 10 articles these two groups have in common.

  • Androgyny in Film, Part 2: Dude Looks Like a Lady

    While there are certainly more instances of men dressed as or portraying women in film than the alternative, those depictions are not always positive. Either played for laughs or for fear, Hollywood has a rich history of sexual exploitation, but the following films offer more than just a boy in a dress.

  • Videography: Lady Gaga

    What better way to wrap up our music month and our Videography series than with the woman who’s a haute couture composite of the great pop divas who have come before her. In only five short years, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has become one of the biggest icons in the world, melding the worlds of fashion and music like no one since Madonna. And while the comparisons are endless, Lady Gaga stands on her impossibly high tranny heels as an innovator in her own right. Fashion got a shot of adrenaline when the Lady took the stage and while her off-the-wall looks have gotten even more off the wall over time — and her copycats have gotten even more brazen — she’s come a long way from just dancing with her pants off.

  • Videography: Beyoncé

    In the post-millennial pop culture landscape, there is one name that stands a stiletto taller than the rest: Beyoncé. From her teenage years as a Child of Destiny to her ascension to full-on divahood, Bey has proven herself the 21st century’s answer to Diana Ross. There are numerous parallels one can make between the two — outdiva-ing their respective girl groups (The Supremes:Destiny’s Child), award-nominated forays into film (1972 Oscar nom for Lady Sings the Blues:2009 Razzies nom for Obsessed) and an immensely successful crossover appeal masterminded by a manipulative father figure (Berry Gordy:Jay-Z). Oh yeah, and they’re both also style icons. Mrs. Carter has paid homage to Ms. Ross many times throughout her career while etching out her own sequined place in fashion. What better way to chart her style evolution than a good, ole-fashioned Videography?

  • Fashion 2012 | Videography: Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey is a lot of things. A diva, first and foremost. A loon. A mother to dem babies. A Jenny Craig spokeswoman. A Home Shopping Networker. But a fashion icon? Eh. When she first whistle-registered her way onto the music scene in 1990, she was fresh-faced, curly-haired and — style-wise — pretty boring. As the 90s went on, she shed her good girl image and most of her clothes to become the scantily-clad chanteuse we know and love today. For this edition of Videography, we emancipate Mimi’s style evolution through her best and most iconic music videos.

  • Videography: Britney Spears

    It’s Britney, bitch. The lady Spears shimmied along in 1998, following in the syncopated dancesteps of Janet and Madonna to become a pop culture icon in her own right. Like those enterprising queens, Brit employed a series of reinventions throughout her career and suffered a few bumps along the way, but she’s back and still churning out the hits nearly 15 years later. Let’s take a tour of Britney Spears’ greatest — and most questionbale — video looks.

  • The 10 Most Stylish Cartoon Bands of All Time

    Cartoon bands have given us some of the greatest tunes of our childhood. Who could forget Jem’s incredibly addictive theme song? Or The Beets’ brilliant “Killer Tofu?” And don’t even get me started on Mystik Spiral’s catalog of classics. All the while, these animated audiosmiths have given real-life musicians a run for their fashion money. So here and now is a countdown of the most stylish bands to grace your Saturday morning television screen. You’re invited, come along!

  • Videography: Whitney Houston

    Though she ‘s now belting in that great sold out concert hall in the sky, Whitney Houston left behind a catalog of classic tunes that redefined what it means to sang. Visually, her model good looks were a hit with the MTV crowd and as a result Whitney was a huge crossover success — picking up the torch passed to her by godmother and Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Throughout the 90s Whitney made a series of comebacks, effectively earning her diva stripes and also some of the biggest hits of her career. Her output was more erratic in the 00s, but she at least had one last hit with the Alicia Keys-penned “Million Dollar Bill.” While we may mourn Whitney Houston’s untimely death,  we’ll continue to dance, emphatically point and lip-sync for our lives to her timeless music.

  • Sure They Can Walk the Runway, But Can They Carry a Tune: The Best & Worst Model Musicians

    Models are great at a lot of things: walking, for instance. Standing very still for long periods of time. Finding their light. Finding coke in the middle of the night when seemingly no one is around. And then there are some models who are actually great at other things, like music. But for some, the spirit is willing but the talent is lacking. These 10 professional stunners have all taken a stab at the music industry, but even the best of ‘em can fall flat on their face…or ass.

  • Videography: Janet Jackson

    Videography charts an artist’s fashion evolution through their music videos. First up, her name’s not Baby, it’s Janet. Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty. Janet had a string of classic hits and equally classic videos throughout the 80s, 90s and early 00s before being sidetracked by Nipplegate. But not even the sun medallion seen round the world could keep the youngest member of the Jackson clan down and out for too long. Over the past 30 years, Janet has made an indelible impact on the pop culture landscape through her genre-bending music, groundbreaking videos and cutting-edge style.

  • Fashion 2012 | 10 Fashion Feats and Fails at the Met Costume Institute Gala

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala is tirelessly referred to as the Oscars of fashion and it certainly ranks as the industry’s glitziest and most glamorous night.  But unlike the Oscars red carpet, where actresses willfully play it safe for fear of a career-defining performance on the worst dressed list, at the Met Gala the balls are to the haute couture wall. This is Fashion with a capital effin’ F. Sometimes the results are truly stunning and other times they’re…how can I put this gently…god-awful. Let’s take a look back at the Met Gala’s greatest hits and misses.

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