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  • Moldova’s abandoned children

    In Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries, life is especially hard for the estimated 300,000 people with disabilities and for their carers, who receive little or no support from the state. It is estimated that in country of four million people, several hundreds of thousands of children have been left behind by parents looking for work outside the country. There have been some dreadful images of orphanages over the years. Children being kept in the most squalid conditions; tied to beds; filthy and neglected. Does being poor mean that children are treated like this? It is a serious question. Do poor people treat their children in this way? Obviously those who love children would not treat them in this way. Regrettably, not every Director of an orphanage is a genuine and loving person. Many have found it a good way to encourage people to give money and aid which they subsequently sell. The worse the children look, the more aid they receive. We are creating this fundraiser for the abandoned children in Moldova and for the construction of a orphanage European level . Please help, the children are in need of clothes, food and better shelter. I will be taking a trip to Moldova in August.

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