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    "Young Americans" Was A Failed "Dawson's Creek" Spin-Off

    Did anyone watch this 2000 show starring Kate Bosworth, Katherine Moennig, and some guy who was on Dawson's once?

    Meet "Will Krudski," a longtime friend of Pacey's who arrives in Capeside for a visit near the end of Dawson's Creek's third season. He becomes a love interest to Andie over the course of two episodes. The two bond over their messed-up families.

    Will and Andie go on a romantic date on the creek. It doesn't really go anywhere. Andie's weird. She has issues. And honestly, Will, you dodged a bullet with this one because if you'd gotten together with Andie, you would have spent half your relationship dissecting her family issues and trying to convince her to take her medication while she throws things at you.

    The WB developed Young Americans as a summer replacement while Dawson's was on break, taking the character of Will and focusing on his life back in the New England town of "New Rawley" where Will, a blue collar townie, has been accepted to the prestigious all-boys Rawley Academy for a summer session.

    The show's failure was probably due to its extremely corny, cliched, and soap opera-like qualities. The sub-plots included:

    - Katherine Moennig (aka Shane, the hot one from The L Word) disguising herself as a boy student at Rawley. Of course, she becomes interested in one of her peers.

    - Said peer begins questioning whether he's gay or not.

    - A teacher getting involved with the dean's wife.

    As for Kate Bosworth, she plays a townie who becomes involved with Will's roommate, the rich legacy, Scout Calhoun. But there's drama with relationship because....

    HE COULD BE HER BROTHER. EW. Duh-duh-duhhhhhh!

    Coca-Cola sponsored the show. Which was not at all obvious from the multitude of scenes with Coke products and characters frequently interacting with Coke products. As detailed in this brilliant Daily Show segment when Steve Carell was still on the show.

    Here, the first episode of Young Americans. No judging if you like it.

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