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You Never Realized How Weird The Spice Girls' "Wannabe" Video Is

But WHO is the wannabe?

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10. The girls begin dancing, and there are these rich people just standing and watching. Are they "wannabes"?

I mean. At this point, no one seems particularly bothered by this crew of "rebels." Posh's gentleman-friend certainly wasn't bothered.

12. The girls then bust into a banquet room where they take over what is either a wedding ... or a party for Marilyn Monroe (presumably back from the dead). Either way, seems like not the nicest thing to do.


13. Baby and Scary move into an adjoining room where they disrupt another party OF OLD PEOPLE. The Spice Girls must really feel vilified by senior citizens.

Grandpas and Grandmas: BEWARE. The Spice Girls will find you and DO LOUD AND ANNOYING THINGS TO YOU.

14. OK HOLD UP. Here we find Posh AGAIN in the lap of a man (a priest, even??) as Ginger sings the following lyrics:

EASY V. Easy Victoria? And she doesn't come for free? Implying she is easy, but it will cost you? Oh man.

15. So now it would appear that the Spice Girls have succeeded in loosening up the stodgy hotel staff and all the boring rich people there. OK, so in this world "wannabes" are rich, high-society grown-ups, I guess.

Then the message of this song becomes kind of confusing. Because in the lyrics of the song, the word "wannabe" is never used as a noun. It is in the opening dialog of the video (see #2), and the idea of being a "wannabe" (aka a poser) was something the Spice Girls always seemed against.

Yet the lyrics of this song only use the word "wannabe" as a verb: "If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends." So isn't this song a message from a girl to a romantic interest, explaining the conditions of a potential relationship? The demands of which are seemingly reasonable? I'm not sure why all the old people had to suffer just to explain to your crush the importance of him liking your friends?

16. Toward the end of the video, the girls run out of the hotel, passing the bellhop they accosted earlier. Said bellhop is trying to be subdued by the same Camera Crew Guy from before.

Clearly Camera Crew Guy is the key to unlocking the mystery of this all. If only we could see inside his thoughts ...

17. The final shot: The girls exit the hotel, bursting past the police, who seem nonplussed by these rambunctious disturbers of the peace.

And now the Spice Girls are on an empty bus, headed to ... where? Do they even know? None of these questions will ever be answered.