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    Why 1998 Was The Best Year: The Alt Version

    Now you can actually prove that you're not a hipster because you liked all this cool stuff when it came out.

    1. Rushmore came out.

    2. So did The Big Lebowski. 1998: the year the dude abided.

    3. Wally Lamb wrote I Know This Much is True.

    4. Air put out the album Moon Safari.

    5. Clothing company Brooklyn Industries opened its doors.

    6. And Massive Attack put out Mezzanine.

    7. Nick Hornby published About a Boy.

    8. Sean Lennon made this beautiful album.

    9. Apple put out the iMac. Hells yeah.

    10. And the Beastie Boys made this fuckin' rad album.

    11. Run Lola Run! (It came out in Germany in 1998, came to the U.S. in '99.)

    12. Liz Phair: Whitechocolatespaceegg.

    13. Woody Allen made Celebrity.

    14. Belle & Sebastian their third album, The Boy With the Arab Strap.

    15. Natasha Lyonne was brilliant in Slums of Beverly Hills.

    16. Maffleck! And they won the Oscar for best screenplay for Good Will Hunting, too!

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