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    Who Were The Tokyo Beatles?

    This Japanese cover band's one and only album was called Please Please Me. You know, like The Beatles' first album?

    The Beatles released their first album in 1963, and not long after, Beatlemania took over. Japan was no exception, as evidenced by this obscure but enthusiastic imitation band called the Tokyo Beatles.

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    Like The Beatles, the band emulated the signature British hairstyles. Costumes, however, were more makeshift.

    Express/Archive Photos/Getty Images

    The Tokyo Beatles released just one album in 1964 called Please Please Me. This is the art for the re-release 30 years later in 1994.

    It appears that the Tokyo Beatles' Please Please Me had only four tracks:


    1. I Want To Hold Your Hand

    2. Please Please Me

    3. Can't Buy Me Love

    4. Twist And Shout

    Their covers were a mix of Japanese and English, with the verse mainly in Japanese and elements of the chorus in English.


    Despite having a short career (they broke up in the mid-'60s), they captured audiences.


    It was Beatlemania!


    And they had that certain rock star thing going on.


    Here you can listen to some samples of the Tokyo Beatles' covers. Still catchy.

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