What You Think You Look Like Drunk Vs. What You Actually Look Like

Alcohol makes you so awesome. (In your mind.)

1. What you think like when you’re walking: diva strut.

What you actually look like:

Universal Pictures/wifflegif.com

2. Dancing: the koolest kat in the place.


Moves so bad, someone names one after you.

3. How you think you act when greeting friends and you’re already drunk:

4. Hanging out at the bar, scoping out the hotties:

The CW/giphy.com

When really you’re like this:

5. Attempting to assert your intelligence of fine wines when drunk:

Warner Bros. Pictures/wifflegif.com

6. Attempting to discreetly pour yourself a fifth glass of wine with the tact of a sober person:

What actually happens:

No one noticed. Just kidding. Everyone noticed.

7. How you imagine others seeing you from across the room:

Paramount Pictures/images.ezgif.com

8. How cool you think you play it when your jam comes on:

Paramount Pictures/wifflegif.com

How you actually react to said favorite jam:

Paramount Pictures/wifflegif.com


9. And then, what you think you look like when rocking out to your jam:

Except it actually looks like this:

Paramount Pictures/images.ezgif.com

10. Your perceived authenticity and depth of a friendship you’ve just made, drunk:

Columbia Pictures/wifflegif.com

The reality of that relationship:

That person will then forever remain in the category of “Facebook friends I have to think really hard about how I know them.”

11. Drinking alone:

What you actually look like drinking alone:

12. When you admit to being tipsy, thinking you’re doing so in an adorable fashion:

How unconvincing you actually are:

13. The moment you realize you’ve had too much to drink (and you think no one notices):

*Just be cool*

14. Telling people you’re definitely not drunk:

Universal Pictures/giphy.com

15. How awesome you think your night is:

What your night actually looks like:

Time to call Uber.

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