What You Think Prom Is Going To Be Like Vs. What It’s Actually Like

Take it from a much older, wiser person.

1. So it’s prom season, and you’re super-psyched. It’s totally going to be the best. Or so you think…

2. How you hope he’s going to ask you:

You’re gonna be a YouTube star!

3. How he’ll actually do it:

In the hallway: Hidoyouwanttogotopromwithmeprettyplease?

4. So the big night arrives. Here’s the photo you show your hairdresser:

Soooo pretty.

5. And there’s a good chance this is what you’ll end up with:

6. As for the dress, you may think you found the most beautiful, perfect one:

7. Just keep in mind — that’s also what this girl thought about her dress.

You can’t win.

8. OMG the limo is going to be so cool!

9. Until you realize it’s just a really long car and the ride to prom only lasts like 12 minutes.

10. But, still. This is you making your awesome entrance:

11. Until you realize you’re the first ones there. And apparently the prom committee decided to phone it in on the decorations.

12. How you imagine you and your friends dancing:

13. How you will actually look when you dance (you can thank those pre-party Jell-O shots):

14. This is what you imagine doing at prom:

15. When in reality you’ll probably spend most of it desperately looking for beer to bring to the after-party:

Should have thought about this before.

16. But anyhow, the after-party is really what prom is all about, and this is how cool you think it’ll be:

Rolling with your homies.

17. The after-party will, in fact, teach you the shame of vomiting in public:

18. But maybe, for you, prom night is about finally “doing it,” and it’s going to be this romantic:

19. Or, um, this “romantic”:

20. You think it’s going to be a night you and your friends will remember forever…

21. Only in 15 years, you won’t be friends with most of these people and might not even remember all of their names.

22. But you should still totally go. Because you never know — it might be magical.

23. …or not.

Congrats, class of 2013!

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