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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    "What A Girl Wants" Is Definitely Not A Movie About Being In Love With Your Dad

    In 2003, Amanda Bynes would stop at nothing to find the man of her dreams — her dad, Colin Firth. And it wasn't weird at all.

    17-year-old Daphne has one wish. To meet her father, the dashing Colin Firth, a high-profile British politician. She kisses his photo every year on her birthday.

    Which is totally normal. Lots of teenage girls kiss photos of hot, famous guys.

    When she finally meets Foxy Firth, they meet like this and she says, "It's you." Which totally sounds factual and not like she's finally meeting the man of her dreams.

    Lots of great relationships begin this same way.

    She's been dreaming about this her entire life.

    And so daughter and dad get to know each other. She wears completely age-appropriate outfits.

    Hanging out with Amanda Bynes makes Colin Firth so happy, that he dances like nobody's watching.

    Which men have been known to do when they are in good moods.

    And they begin to have moments of tenderness.

    Daphne is turning into a young woman. And when young women walk down stairs in pretty dresses, it's only customary to stare at them.


    And when Colin Firth begins the father-daughter dance with his soon-to-be stepchild — not Daphne — this type of jealousy is totally justified.

    But eventually, they work through it. And after professing their love for each other, they engage in this family-friendly embrace.

    And so, Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth lived happily ever after. And it wasn't weird at all. The end.

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